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    • Ship-Based Contributions to Global Ocean, Weather, and Climate Observing Systems. 

      Smith, Shawn R.; Alory, Gaël; Andersson, Axel; Asher, William; Baker, Alex; Berry, David I.; Drushka, Kyla; Figurskey, Darin; Freeman, Eric; Holthus, Paul; Jickells, Tim; Kleta, Henry; Kent, Elizabeth C.; Kolodziejczyk, Nicolas; Kramp, Martin; Loh, Zoe; Poli, Paul; Schuster, Ute; Steventon, Emma; Swart, Sebastiaan; Tarasova, Oksana; de la Villéon, Loic Petit; Vinogradova-Shiffer, Nadya (2019)
      The role ships play in atmospheric, oceanic, and biogeochemical observations is described with a focus on measurements made near the ocean surface. Ships include merchant and research vessels; cruise liners and ferries; ...