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    • Best practice recommendations for the use of external telemetry devices on pinnipeds. 

      Horning, Markus; Andrews, Russel D.; Bishop, Amanda M.; Boveng, Peter L.; Costa, Daniel P.; Crocker, Daniel E.; Haulena, Martin; Hindell, Mark; Hindle, Allyson G.; Holser, Rachel R.; Hooker, Sascha K.; Hückstäd, Luis A.; Johnson, Shawn; Lea, Mary‑Anne; McDonald, Birgitte I.; McMahon, Clive R.; Robinson, Patrick W.; Sattler, Renae L.; Shuer, Courtney R.; Steingass, Sheanna M.; Thompson, Dave; Tuomi, Pamela A.; Williams, Cassondra L.; Womble, Jamie N. (2019)
      Pinnipeds spend large portions of their lives at sea, submerged, or hauled-out on land, often on remote off-shore islands. This fundamentally limits access by researchers to critical parts of pinniped life history and has ...