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    • Guideline of ocean observations, Volumes 1-10. 4th edition. 

      Otosaka, S.; Ueki, I.; Sasano, D.; Kumamoto, Y.; Obata, H.; Fukuda, H.; Nishibe, Y.; Maki, H.; Goto, K.; Ono, T.; Aoyama, M. (The Oceanographic Society of Japan, Tokyo, Japan, 2020)
      The Oceanographic Society of Japan published the first edition of Guideline of Ocean Observations in September 2015 with an overview of oceanographic observations and the latest oceanographic and analytical methods. This ...
    • Guideline of ocean observations. 1st edition. [Vols 1-10].[SUPERSEDED by DOI:] 

      Kawano, Takeshi (The Oceanographic Society of Japan, Tokyo, Japan, 2016)
      In recent years we have been building our knowledge of changes within the oceans through international cooperation and collaboration, for example, by re-occupation of World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE); our ...