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    • A review of global ocean temperature observations: Implications for ocean heat content estimates and climate change. 

      Church, J.A.; Conroy, J.L.; Domingues, C.M.; Fasullo, J.T.; Gilson, J.; Goni, G.; Good, S.A.; Gorman, J.M.; Gouretski, V.; Ishii, M.; Johnson, G.C.; Kizu, S.; Lyman, J.M.; Macdonald, A.M.; Minkowycz, W.J.; Moffitt., S.E.; Palmer, M.D.; Piola, A.R.; Reseghetti, F.; Schuckmann, K.; Trenberth, K.E.; Velicogna, I.; Willis, J.K. (2013)
      The evolution of ocean temperature measurement systems is presented with a focus on the development and accuracy of two critical devices in use today (expendable bathythermographs and conductivity-temperature-depth instruments ...