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    • A Guide to Using GitHub for Developing and Versioning Data Standards and Reporting Formats. 

      Crystal-Ornelas, Robert; Varadharajan, Charuleka; Bond-Lamberty, Ben; Boye, Kristin; Burrus, Madison; Cholia, Shreyas; Crow, Michael; Damerow, Joan; Devarakonda, Ranjeet; Ely, Kim S.; Goldman, Amy; Heinz, Susan; Hendrix, Valerie; Kakalia, Zarine; Pennington, Stephanie C.; Robles, Emily; Rogers, Alistair; Simmonds, Maegen; Velliquette, Terri; Weierbach, Helen; Weisenhorn, Pamela; Welch, Jessica N.; Agarwal, Deborah A. (2021)
      Data standardization combined with descriptive metadata facilitate data reuse, which is the ultimate goal of the Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR) principles. Community data or metadata standards ...
    • Joint Cetacean Data Programme (JDCP), Data Standard: Core Data Fields and Vocabulary Guidance, Version 1.2. 

      Taylor, Nicola Louise; Clear, Nichola; Macleod, Kelly (Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC), Peterborough, UK, 2022)
      One of the key objectives of the JCDP is to work with data providers to synthesise the way in which data are collected and stored, to support collation of data into a central JCDP database. The JCDP Steering Group have ...
    • NOAA and BOEM Minimum Recommendations for Use of Passive Acoustic Listening Systems in Offshore Wind Energy Development Monitoring and Mitigation Programs. 

      Van Parijs, Sofie M.; Baker, Kyle; Carduner, Jordan; Daly, Jaclyn; Davis, Genevieve; Esch, Carter; Guan, Shane; Scholick-Schlomer, Amy; Sisson, Nicholas B.; Staaterman, Erica (2021)
      Offshore wind energy development is rapidly ramping up in United States (U.S.) waters in order to meet renewable energy goals. With a diverse suite of endangered large whale species and a multitude of other protected marine ...