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    • Rolling Deck to Repository: Supporting the marine science community with data management services from academic research expeditions. 

      Carbotte, Suzanne M.; O’Hara, Suzanne; Stocks, Karen; Clark, P. Dru; Stolp, Laura; Smith, Shawn R.; Briggs, Kristen; Hudak, Rebecca; Miller, Emily; Olson, Chris J.; Shane, Neville; Uribe, Rafael; Arko, Robert; Chandler, Cynthia L.; Ferrini, Vicki; Miller, Stephen P.; Doyle, Alice; Holik, James (2022)
      Direct observations of the oceans acquired on oceanographic research ships operated across the international community support fundamental research into the many disciplines of ocean science and provide essential ...
    • YARD: A Tool for Curating Research Outputs. 

      Peer, Limor; Dull, Joshua (2020)
      Repositories increasingly accept research outputs and associated artifacts that underlie reported findings, leading to potential changes in the demand for data curation and repository services. This paper describes a ...