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    • Fishing for data and sorting the catch: assessing the data quality, completeness and fitness for use of data in marine biogeographic databases. 

      Vandepitte, Leen; Bosch, Samuel; Tyberghein, Lennert; Waumans, Filip; Vanhoorne, Bart; Hernandez, Francisco; De Clerck, Olivier; Mees, Jan (2015)
      Being able to assess the quality and level of completeness of data has become indispensable in marine biodiversity research, especially when dealing with large databases that typically compile data from a variety of ...
    • Improving Darwin Core for research and management of alien species. 

      Groom, Quentin; Desmet, Peter; Reyserhove, Lien; Adriaens, Tim; Oldoni, Damiano; Vanderhoeven, Sonia; Baskauf, Steven J; Chapman, Arthur; McGeoch, Melodie; Walls, Ramona; Wieczorek, John; Wilson, John R.U.; Zermoglio, Paula F. F.; Simpson, Annie (2019)
      To improve the suitability of the Darwin Core standard for the research and management of alien species, the standard needs to express the native status of organisms, how well established they are and how they came to ...
    • Recommendations for the Standardisation of OpenTaxonomic Nomenclature for Image-Based Identifications. 

      Horton, Tammy; Marsh, Leigh; Bett, Brian J.; Gates, Andrew R.; Jones, Daniel O. B.; Benoist, Noëlie M. A.; Pfeifer, Simone; Simon-Lledó, Erik; Durden, Jennifer M.; Vandepitte, Leen; Appeltans, Ward (2021)
      This paper recommends best practice for the use of open nomenclature (ON) signs applicable to image-based faunal analyses. It is one of numerous initiatives to improve biodiversity data input to improve the reliability ...