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    • Perspectives on in situ Sensors for Ocean Acidification Research. 

      Sastri, Akash R.; Christian, James R.; Achterberg, Eric P.; Atamanchuk, Dariia; Buck, Justin J. H.; Bresnahan, Philip; Duke, Patrick J.; Evans, Wiley; Gonski, Stephen F.; Johnson, Bruce; Juniper, S. Kim; Mihaly, Steve; Miller, Lisa A.; Morley, Mike; Murphy, Dave; Nakaoka, Shin-ichiro; Ono, Tsuneo; Parker, George; Simpson, Kyle; Tsunoda, Tomohiko (2019)
      As ocean acidification (OA) sensor technology develops and improves, in situ deployment of such sensors is becoming more widespread. However, the scientific value of these data depends on the development and application ...