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    • A field and video annotation guide for baited remote underwater stereo-video surveys of demersal fish assemblages. [GOOS ENDORSED PRACTICE] 

      Langlois, Tim; Goetze, Jordan S.; Bond, Todd; Monk, Jacquomo; Abesamis, Rene A.; Asher, Jacob; Barrett, Neville; Bernard, Anthony T.F.; Bouchet, Phil J.; Birt, Matthew J.; Cappo, Mike; Currey-Randall, Leanne M.; Driessen, Damon; Fairclough, David V.; Fullwood, Laura A. F.; Gibbons, Brooke A.; Harasti, David; Heupel, Michelle R.; Hicks, Jamie; Holmes, Thomas H.; Huveneers, Charlie; Ierodiaconou, Daniel; Jordan, Alan; Knott, Nathan A.; Lindfield, Steve; Malcolm, Hamish A.; McLean, Dianne; Meekan, Mark; Miller, David; Mitchell, Peter J.; Newman, Stephen J.; Radford, Ben; Rolim, Fernanda A.; Saunders, Benjamin J.; Stowar, Marcus; Smith, Adam N. H.; Travers, Michael J.; Wakefield, Corey B.; Whitmarsh, Sasha K.; Williams, Joel; Harvey, Euan S. (2020)
      1. Baited remote underwater stereo-video systems (stereo-BRUVs) are a popular tool to sample demersal fish assemblages and gather data on their relative abundance and body size structure in a robust, cost-effective and ...
    • Marine Monitoring of Australia's Indigenous Sea Country using Remote Technologies. 

      Depczynski, Martial; Davies, Harriet; Cure, Katherine; Cook, Kylie; Evans-Illidge, Libby; Traceylee, Forester; Jackie, Gould; Oades, Daniel; Howard, Azton; George, Kevin; Underwood, Jim; Wyatt, Mathew (2019)
      Joint development of marine monitoring SOPs by AIMS and Indigenous Marine Ranger groups is intentionally focused on new technological advances to provide enhanced and rapid resolution of ecological patterns. These monitoring ...