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    • An international intercomparison of stable carbon isotope composition measurements of dissolved inorganic carbon in seawater. 

      Cheng, L.; Normandeau, C.; Bowden, R.; Doucett, R.; Gallagher, B.; Gillikin, P.; Kumamoto, Y.; McKay, J. L.; Middlestead, P.; Ninnemann, U.; Nothaft, D.; Dubinina, E. O.; Quay, P.; Reverdin, G.; Shirai, K.; Mørkved, P. T.; Theiling, B. P.; van Geldern, R.; Wallace, D. W. R. (2019)
      We report results of an intercomparison of stable carbon isotope ratio measurements in seawater dissolved inorganic carbon (δ13C-DIC) which involved 16 participating laboratories from various parts of the world. The ...