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    • SMART Cables for Observing the Global Ocean: Science and Implementation. 

      Howe, Bruce M.; Arbic, Brian K.; Aucan, Jérome; Barnes, Christopher R.; Bayliff, Nigel; Becker, Nathan; Butler, Rhett; Doyle, Laurie; Elipot, Shane; Johnson, Gregory C.; Landerer, Felix; Lentz, Stephen; Luther, Douglas S.; Müller, Malte; Mariano, John; Panayotou, Kate; Rowe, Charlotte; Ota, Hiroshi; Song, Y. Tony; Thomas, Maik; Thomas, Preston N.; Thompson, Philip; Tilmann, Frederik; Weber, Tobias; Weinstein, Stuart (2019)
      The ocean is key to understanding societal threats including climate change, sea level rise, ocean warming, tsunamis, and earthquakes. Because the ocean is difficult and costly to monitor, we lack fundamental data needed ...