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    • Animal Borne Ocean Sensors – AniBOS – An Essential Component of the Global Ocean Observing System. 

      McMahon, Clive R.; Roquet, Fabien; Baudel, Sophie; Belbeoch, Mathieu; Bestley, Sophie; Blight, Clint; Boehme, Lars; Carse, Fiona; Costa, Daniel P.; Fedak, Michael A.; Guinet, Christophe; Harcourt, Robert; Heslop, Emma; Hindell, Mark A.; Hoenner, Xavier; Holland, Kim; Holland, Mellinda; Jaine, Fabrice R. A.; Jeanniard du Dot, Tiphaine; Jonsen, Ian; Keates, Theresa R.; Kovacs, Kit M.; Labrousse, Sara; Lovell, Philip; Lydersen, Christian; March, David; Mazloff, Matthew; McKinzie, Megan K.; Muelbert, Mônica M. C.; O’Brien, Kevin; Phillips, Lachlan; Portela, Esther; Pye, Jonathan; Rintoul, Stephen; Sato, Katsufumi; Sequeira, Ana M. M.; Simmons, Samantha E.; Tsontos, Vardis M.; Turpin, Victor; van Wijk, Esmee; Vo, Danny; Wege, Mia; Whoriskey, Frederick Gilbert; Wilson, Kenady; Woodward, Bill (2021)
      Marine animals equipped with biological and physical electronic sensors have produced long-term data streams on key marine environmental variables, hydrography, animal behavior and ecology. These data are an essential ...