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    • A Consumer’s Guide to Satellite Remote Sensing of Multiple Phytoplankton Groups in the Global Ocean. 

      Mouw, Colleen B.; Hardman-Mountford, Nick J.; Alvain, Séverine; Bracher, Astrid; Brewin, Robert J. W.; Bricaud, Annick; Ciotti, Aurea M.; Devred, Emmanuel; Fujiwara, Amane; Hirata, Takafumi; Hirawake, Toru; Kostadinov, Tihomir S.; Roy, Shovonlal; Uitz, Julia (2017)
      Phytoplankton are composed of diverse taxonomical groups, which are manifested as distinct morphology, size, and pigment composition. These characteristics, modulated by their physiological state, impact their light ...