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    • Modeling What We Sample and Sampling What We Model: Challenges for Zooplankton Model Assessment. 

      Everett, Jason D.; Baird, Mark E.; Buchanan, Pearse; Bulman, Cathy; Davies, Claire; Downie, Ryan; Griffiths, Chris; Heneghan, Ryan; Kloser, Rudy J.; Laiolo, Leonardo; Lara-Lopez, Ana; Lozano-Montes, Hector; Matear, Richard J.; McEnnulty, Felicity; Robson, Barbara; Rochester, Wayne; Skerratt, Jenny; Smith, James A.; Strzelecki, Joanna; Suthers, Iain M.; Swadling, Kerrie M.; van Ruth, Paul; Richardson, Anthony J. (2017)
      Zooplankton are the intermediate trophic level between phytoplankton and fish, and are an important component of carbon and nutrient cycles, accounting for a large proportion of the energy transfer to pelagic fishes and ...