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    • Ocean Optics Protocols For Satellite Ocean Color Sensor Validation, Revision 4. Volume VI: Special Topics in Ocean Optics Protocols and Appendices. 

      Mueller, J. L.; Clark, D. K.; Kuwahara, V. S.; Lazin, G.; Brown, S.W.; Fargion, G. S.; Yarbrough, M. A.; Feinholz, M.; Flora, S.; Broenkow, W.; Kim, Y. S.; Johnson, B. C.; Yuen, M.; Strutton, P. G.; Dickey, T. D.; Abbott, M. R.; Letelier, R. M.; Lewis, M. R.; McLean, S.; Chavez, F. P.; Barnard, A.; Morrison, J. R.; Subramaniam, A.; Manov, D.; Zheng, X.; Harding, L. W. Jr; Barnes, R. A.; Lykke, K. R. (Goddard Space Flight Space Center., Greenbelt, MD, 2003)
      Volume VI: This volume gathers chapters covering more specialized topics in the ocean optics protocols. Chapter 1 introduces these special topics in the context of the overall protocols. Chapter 2 is a reformatted, ...