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dc.contributor.authorPagniello, Camille M.L.S.
dc.contributor.authorButler, Jack
dc.contributor.authorRosen, Annie
dc.contributor.authorSherwood, Addison
dc.contributor.authorRoberts, Paul L.D.
dc.contributor.authorParnell, P. Edward
dc.contributor.authorJaffe, Jules S.
dc.contributor.authorŠirović, Ana
dc.identifier.citationPagniello, C.M.L.S., Butler, J., Rosen, A., Sherwood, A., Roberts, P.L.D., et al (2021) An optical imaging system for capturing images in low-light aquatic habitats using only ambient light. Oceanography 34(3), 7pp. DOI:
dc.description.abstractIt is preferable that methods for monitoring fish behavior, diversity, and abundance be noninvasive to avoid potential bias. Optical imaging facilitates the noninvasive monitoring of underwater environments and is best conducted without the use of artificial lighting. Here, we describe a custom-designed optical imaging system that utilizes a consumer-grade camera to capture images in situ in ambient light. This diver-deployed system can be used to collect time series of occurrences of animals while concurrently obtaining behavioral observations for two weeks to a month (depending on the sampling rate). It has also been configured to be paired with a passive acoustic system to record time-synchronized image and acoustic data. The system was deployed in a protected kelp forest off southern California and captured >1,500 high-quality images per day over 14 days. The images revealed numerous fish species exhibiting biologically important behaviors as well as daily patterns of presence/absence. The optical imaging system is a cost-effective tool that can be easily fabricated and improves upon many of the limitations of previous systems, including deployment length and image quality in low-light and limited-visibility conditions. The system provides a relatively noninvasive way to monitor shallow marine habitats, including protected areas, and can augment traditional survey methods by providing nearly continuous observations and thus yield increased statistical power.en_US
dc.rightsAttribution 4.0*
dc.subject.otherOptical imaging systemen_US
dc.subject.otherCrepuscular behaviouren_US
dc.subject.otherKelp forestsen_US
dc.titleAn Optical Imaging System for Capturing Images in Low-Light Aquatic Habitats Using Only Ambient Light.en_US
dc.typeJournal Contributionen_US
dc.subject.parameterDisciplineUnderwater photographyen_US
dc.subject.instrumentTypeunderwater camerasen_US
dc.description.eovFish abundance and distributionen_US
dc.description.maturitylevelPilot or Demonstrated
dc.description.sensorsOptical imaging systemen_US
dc.description.methodologyTypeSpecification of criteriaen_US M.L.S. Pagniello

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Attribution 4.0
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